Hada Gypsum Boards 12MM
Hada Gypsum Boards 12MM9mm Gypsum BoardsHada Gypsum Boards

Hada Gypsum Boards 12MM

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Gypsum is a soft evaporite (water soluble) mineral and is considered sedimentary rock (formed by the deposit of minerals and organic material). The chemical formula for gypsum is CaSO42H2o and is the most common type of sulfate mineral.

HADA GYPSUM BOARDS is a special kind of board which is used in construction sites it has special features which make the product standout from the related ones and this makes it better and economical to use it.


Gypsum boards can be ceilings and partition in construction areas

Special features

  1. Lightweight and strong: gypsum board is relatively light compared to the alternative materials. This makes it easy to work with especially when doing high ceilings in buildings. The board is strong and not easily breakable when using it.(Our quality is one of best in the market).
  2. Sound control: the board is sound proof so preferably used in portioning of spaces to create more privacy.
  3. Versatility: uses of gypsum board in construction is suitable for ceilings, partitions corridor etc . it is adaptable for use in every type of construction-commercial, institutional and residential.
  4. Rigid and flat: The gypsum board is rigid ad flat meaning it does not loose shape when it has been used/fixed. How it is fixed its how it will remain in years to come thus making it more economical to use in construction.
  5. Beautiful finish and great effect: Where Gypsum has been used been the finish is very beautiful and attractive
  6. Fire resistance: gypsum will support combustion, when fire occurs, crystallized water in gypsum is released and turns into steam to help combat flames and heat. Portioning wall by gypsum board can resist fire to burn up to maximum 4 HOURS thus minimize casualties.


The gypsum board comes in two thickness type

I. 9mm -8ft length by 4 ft width (2.4 meters by 1.2 meters):20kg

II. 12mm-8ft length by 4 ft width (2.4 meters by 1.2 meters):25 kg



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